Eliza Mcgrath

Senior Property Manager

Eliza has had an involved career in real estate beginning in reception, working her way into leasing and sales and has now forged a reputation as a highly motivated senior property manager. This knowledge of all aspects of the industry gives Eliza an understanding of her clients’ visions for their investment properties and a sound strategy to achieve that with them.

Eliza ensures tenants and property owners alike find her approachable, importantly tenants so they can discuss any of their requests in a timely manner. Always personal, kind and ready to listen to property owners’ needs, Eliza develops authentic relationships with her clients and nurtures each one, no matter how small.

In the Village Property office, it is often wondered if Eliza has more than 24 hours in a day, that’s how effective she is with her time management – and always delivering to the highest quality to boot.


Licenced Real Estate Agent