Priya Palaiyan

Receptionist & Sales Administrator – Parramatta

Priya easily builds strong relationships with property buyers, owners, and agents with her enthusiastic and approachable personality reinforcing their confidence in placing their asset with Village Property. Priya’s sincere connections are a win-win with clients having a positive experience and the agency succeeding through providing an outstanding service.

With a background in the service industry including managerial roles, Priya brings exceptional value to property owners who commend her ability to problem-solve in a fast-paced environment. Priya has a talent for placing herself in the shoes of existing or upcoming property owners or tenants to develop and achieve the best possible outcome for all parties.

With a genuine love for what she does, Priya’s prompt and precise communication is appreciated and creates a personalised experience for every client. Priya’s calm, approachable and down-to-earth nature ensures every sales process runs smoothly.